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Interested in Joining EastBank? We have a number of ways for you to get involved to show your work!

Gallery Membership: Becoming a member of Eastbank Gallery gives you the opportunity to display work at our active local gallery with fellow artists.  There is a monthly fee along with a commission for all work sold.  All members are required to work a set amount of shifts in the gallery. Please contact EastBank for more information including fees and commission.  

Gallery Wall Renter: Walls are rented out to artists on a monthly basis.  This option does not require the artist to work at the gallery. Please contact the Eastbank for information on fees and commission. 

Gallery Consignor:  Depending on space available, the gallery may accept new consignors. This opportunity allows the artist to display their work at Eastbank without needing to work any any shifts in the gallery. A consignment term is six months, please contact EastBank for information on fees and commission. 


Eastbank Gallery often hosts shows that are open for public submission! For information on getting involved please see our events page or contact us!


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