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Jeanine Visser


George Washington: From Mt. Rushmore

Elephant walk (2)_edited

Elephant Walk

Floating Above Lake Alvin - Copy

Floating Above Lake Alvin

Devils Gulch

Devil's Gulch Garretson,SD

Artist Point  Grand Marias

Artist's Point Grand Marais MN

A Walk in Arrowhead Park by Jeanine Visser (3) - Copy

A Walk In Arrowhead Park

About the Artist

About the Artist

About the Artist

I developed an interest in art while in high school. I took art classes with an
emphasis on oil painting. I won a tristate art competition and earned an art
scholarship to the University of Missouri. However, I declined it and chose to take
another path. I continued to study art over the years. I have taken a college art
seminar. I have taken private lessons from a professional artist and have taken
part in many online art courses and continue to work diligently to improve my
artistic skills.
I have competed in several international art competitions sponsored by
Graystone Galleries and achieved finalist standing in four different categories. In
the category of faces my watercolor “The Farmer” was a finalist. In the category
of landscapes “King of the Garden” an oil painting was a finalist. In the category
of seasons my oil painting “Autumn Drive” was a finalist. In the botany category
my watercolor “Sunshine Garden” was picked as a finalist.
My goal in my art work is to instill in the viewer a feeling of comfort, peace, and
healing of the spirit. I use my artwork to tell a story to evoke those positive feelings.

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